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 My background and personal success put me in a unique position to author this groundbreaking book. I have used and have attained the attributes, strategies and planning that this book suggests are necessary to become successful. I became a millionaire before the age of 30 and retired about a year ago. I did not get lucky with some business; rather, I worked diligently and attained my success in different businesses by deploying the methods written in this book.
Using the attributes I list in my book, I became one of the top salespeople in the nation for MCI Telecommunications. By my second year, I was already bringing in a six-figure salary and at the end of my third year there I earned just under $400,000. 

In 1997 I started forming my own companies and on February 11, 1999 founded and established Global Business Solutions, Inc. ( By year end December 1999 (10 months after establishing), as a one-man, full-service long distance company operating out of my house, GBS Grossed over 4.4 million dollars. Global Business Solutions (or GBS Telecom) is a global, North American based telecommunications provider whose network and service capabilities connect its customers to any destination around the corner or around the world. 

In 2002, I founded Self Made Records, Inc. ( Self Made Records is a Rap / Hip Hop and R&B record label. We have also worked with the likes of Sean “Puffy / Diddy” Combs’ Bad Boy Records. Working on Songs with “Akon,” “Black Rob,” “Craig Mack” and of “Making The Band” TV show fame “Babbs.” We have also done songs with rap pioneers Mic Geronimo, Tragedy Khadafi and Royal Flush. In addition, we are best known for the hit single “Yodle O’” featuring Dr. Dre’s Aftermath recording artist “Joell Ortiz” off of the Solomon Full Length Album “Down and Dirty.”

In 2002, I built and opened the retail establishment Heat Wave Tanning, Inc. Heat Wave Tanning doubled revenues by year two. After my second year I sold Heat Wave Tanning for a nice profit. Heat Wave Tanning is still in existence today under new ownership. Heat Wave Tanning and Massage offers a break from the day-to-day commotion of life in a full-service tanning salon. In addition to having tanning beds ranging from 8 to 20 minutes in duration or a 30 second UV FREE Mystic spray tan, HWT also sells a variety of body jewelry and skin lotions.

In 2007, although I brag about being retired, in reality I’m busier than  ever. I might be   financially retired, but I have been launching companies left and right. And I love it!  Why? Because I’m sailing my own ship with no boss, no limits and more freedom and money than I could    ever have imagined.   In June 2007, I launched ( This is a free website that gives the consumer a voice and enables them to be heard (rant/rave/leave video complaints) to both other consumers and the companies they speak of. In addition, it allows people who are looking to purchase or get feedback on a product or service to get  an unbiased opinion and rating.

In December 2007, I launched another site called ( This site sells and promotes online music downloads and cell phone ringtones for independent artists. We make independent artist’s music easily available to their fans, friends and family. I am also  providing a marketing platform for these artists who want to make their dreams come true.  
In addition to that business, I also came up with a business idea that I am looking to launch (or sell the patent) in the near future.

The business is called Meeting ExpressO ( and is a retail conference location / coffee shop. Meeting ExpressO will provide full access to conference rooms which include internet, satellite television, phone, and business services.  These services will be available to groups as well as individuals that just need a place to work between meetings or just to kill some time. Meeting EspressO will also provide walk in customers with a unique and innovative environment for enjoying great coffee, specialty beverages, and snack items.


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