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November 24, 2008: While reading the book ?Life Money? I was amazed how author Brad Turk
expresses to the readers about proactive strategies to use in becoming wealthy. For me, this book has helped me to gain financial security and stability in life. If you have not read this book yet get ready for great wisdom for financial prosperity or (insights).

A reviewerby Anonymous

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July 09, 2008: I have read several self-help & wealth building guides. Most seem to talk about the unique ways the Author was successful instead of how 'we the reader's can become better at succeeding and exceeding our goals and becoming wealthy'. This book describes realistic strategies to making your dreams a reality...


This book has Changed my Life Tremendously!!!!!, November 24, 2008


A. Gratia- See all my reviews

This book has changed my life tremendously. In dealing with my priorities, time management and money, I have found "Life Money" to be a great source of financial information for myself, and it could serve as a great tool in aiding others with their finances and life in general. "Life Money" has been one of my most powerful self help resources for financial wealth.


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